About Me

When I was growing up, my dad ALWAYS had a camera slung around his neck (YES...that's his old film camera I'm holding)! He was a bit like the paparazzi, documenting every moment of our lives. Those grainy, and sometimes orange-hued, vintage 35mm photos elicit a feeling I can’t describe. Photography is my passion. I love the fuzzy feeling I get when I look back on old photos.

A little more about me and my family....

My days are filled with coffee, toddlers, walks outside, editing photos, and side projects with my artful and innovative friends! I have creative freedom and can choose to take the day off when my family needs me the most. Each day is unique and full of randomness and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We love camping, hiking, travel, music festivals (basically anything outside or in the woods), hanging out with friends, cooking, and walking our two dogs! We also enjoy DIY projects because we have mad skills!

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Whitney muller

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"Sarah knows how to capture the perfect 'in the moment' shot that shows everyone's personalities just right!"

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